Emerald cut diamond ring
Round diamond solitaire ring

There are two collections, one for Emerald cut to shape (on the left), and the other is for Round shape (on the right) It was developed with the same concept.

As experts in high precision cutting diamonds and invisible setting, we research the top facets of those shapes, cut the diamonds precisely to a perfect matching, and set them together in an invisible setting method to an illusion of one big diamond.


Every set contains a center stone diamond surrounded by eight baguettes diamonds.

The result is beautiful, and it is almost impossible to notice that it is not one big diamond.

And the price? - One-fifth the price of a large single diamond.

We got the idea from the vast experience we have in baguette diamonds setting in luxury watches for Swiss brands.

​The market accepted the idea with great love, and we have gained excellent experience.

Octava Collection