Unison Gemstones invites you to explore a world where luxury jewelry, craftsmanship, and frontline communication technology are in harmony. We specialize in the cutting and high-precision polishing of diamonds and complicated settings.  We are also world-renowned for invisible setting techniques. Working with Unison means you enjoy personal service and total dedication.

For many years Unison Gemstone worked offline and supplied its unique designs to jewelry international companies. Our  products were sold in luxury stores all over the world:

  • MOSCOW,  

  • GENEVE - Rue de Rhone,  

  • PARIS - Place Vendome

Unison has also been involved in the design and development of one of a kind luxury goods, such as:

A fountain pen set with 1422 modified princess diamonds.

Price tag: 750K$

‏‏ 03Pen2.jpg

A mobile phone set all over with modified baguette diamonds.

Price tag: 300K$


NBA player shoes set with 8000 Diamonds.

Price tag: 4M$

(Made for  All-Star Game. 2016)


High end watches set with modified baguettes diamonds,

Swiss standard.

Price tag: 300K$ +


 About myself

For as long as I can remember I had the destiny to be an electronics engineer. I have the skills and the form of engineering thinking. At the time to enroll in a university, I enrolled in engineering studies and even completed my degree studies at Tel Aviv University. (1988)

As a student, I worked for Scitex, a pioneer company in the field of pre-printing. I worked in a lab that developed scanning and image processing systems, which is what Photoshop does today.

The beauty excited me.

After graduation, while looking for a job as an engineer I was not enthusiastic about the job offers I received. Something was missing in them; at that time, I still did not know what.

A friend offered me a job in the diamond industry, in order to get to know and specialize, I sat for about a year and polished diamonds. I loved the process that the diamond goes from a shapeless rough stone to a sleek and shiny diamond.

After about two years (1991) I connected the knowledge in diamonds with the engineering knowledge and worked in collaboration with a company that developed automatic machines for cutting and polishing diamonds. Again, I was enthralled by the algorithm that runs the polishing steps from a shapeless rough stone to a perfect cut diamond.

After about three more years (1994) I was exposed to the precise ability to design using a PC and precise milling of jewelry on CNC machines. It was a technology in its infancy and quite primitive compared to what it has today but at the time it was WOW. Here I first realized that this is the exact place I want to be.

The combination of innovative technology, creativity, and beauty.


This is my life experience!

Following this, I founded Unison Gemstones Ltd. I built a factory that had state-of-the-art technologies, diamond polishers, diamonds setters, goldsmiths, and CNC operators from the best that can be found.

Over the years we performed complicated and complex jewel pieces, we did not hesitate to take risks and learned while planning and executing. (As shown above). Thankfully there were no failures.

Over the years we have adapted ourselves to innovations such as 3D printers that have replaced CNC machines. Better software and photorealistic imaging.

All these years we worked B2B, mainly with the top Swiss brand companies of watches and jewelry.

Following the coronavirus and the freedom that was taken from us, we decided it was time to enter eCommerce and change our strategy to B2C.

Still the same enthusiastic team of great professionals who want to produce a high-quality and beautiful product.

About ten years ago I returned to the University to study for a master's degree in the Faculty of Art.

Beyond the job I really like, I do outdoor sports. Mountain biking, especially singles, and kite surfing. In addition, I shoot videos using a Mavic drone. I like to realize how small we are in relation to nature.


It inspires me a bit of modesty

​Ohad Oran

​Unison Gemstones Ltd. Ramat Gan, ISRAEL

www.unison-gemstone.com. January 2021

Above and Beyond Quality

Are you looking for stunning, long-lasting jewelry? Quality should never be a compromise. While our focus is expertly crafted wedding rings, no matter what type of jewelry you're looking for, we design our pieces to be unique, durable, and attractive.


Cultivating Sparkling Relationships

When you order from us, whether it's your first or tenth time, you become part of our family. During your search for the perfect gemstone or setting, we help you through the process.


 Our Promise

We treat our customers with the honesty and respect they deserve. We want clients to feel the same pride when wearing the pieces from our store that we do in making them.


Jewelry Design

Our pieces are not only featured in-store but appear in popups around the world. Our designs will not only inspire you, they will transform you.

so, why unison?

Because we are here to fulfill your dreams

  • We  are situated in the heart of the Israel Diamond Exchange, close to the best sources and prices;

  • We employ a knowledgeable, skilled workforce and use only state-of-the-art equipment;

  • We adhere meticulously to timetables to provide clients with the top quality service they deserve.

  • Under one roof - Unison is involved in every jewelry manufacturing phase, from cutting and polishing to final setting and quality control.

your dream is our reality