Unison Gemstones invites you to explore a world where luxury jewellery, craftsmanship, and frontline communication technology are in harmony. We specialize in the cutting and high-precision polishing of diamonds and complex settings.  We are also world-renowned for invisible setting techniques. Working with Unison means you enjoy a personal service and total dedication.

For many years Unison Gemstone worked offline and supplied its unique designs to jewelry international companies. Our designs were sold in luxury stores all over the world:

  • MOSCOW,  

  • GENEVE - Rue de Rhone,  

  • PARIS - Place Vendome

Unison has also been involved in design and development of one of a kind luxury goods, such as:

  • A fountain pen set with 1422 modified princess diamonds.

Price tag: 750K$

  • A mobile phone set all over with modified baguette diamonds.

Price tag: 300K$

  • NBA player shoes set with 8000 Diamonds.

Price tag: 4M$

(He intended to play with them in the 2016 All-Star Game)

  • High end watches set with modified baguettes diamonds, Swiss standard.

Price tag: 300K$ +

Now, it is time for Unison Gemstone to go online and expose our capabilities directly to the end customer.  WE have designed a product line that reflects our outstanding skills with the trends of 2021 offering very pandemic-time prices. We are sure you will love our collection.

Since we design and manufacture inhouse, we can cater for personalized, one-of-a-kind designs. We can create new designs or modify existing ones. All you need to do is contact us by email or WhatsApp. (details are in Contact page)

We thank you for visiting our site and ask you to feel free to leave us feedback, advice and wishes for jewelry you would like to see in the shop.

​Best Regards and may the pandemic end soon.

​Ohad Oran

​Unison Gemstones Ltd. Ramat Gan, ISRAEL


So, Why Unison?

Because we are here to fulfill your dreams

  • We  are situated in the heart of the Israel Diamond Exchange, close to best sources and prices;

  • We employ a highly intelligent, skilled workforce and use only state-of-the-art equipment;

  • We adhere meticulously to timetables to provide clients with the top quality service they deserve.

  • Under one roof - Unison is involved in every phase of jewelry manufacturing from cutting and polishing to final setting and quality control.

Your Dream Is Our Reality

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